Sam Urlings

ORCiD: 0000-0001-7565-0321
Sam Urlings studied English and Latin Literature at KU Leuven, where, in 2022, he successfully completed his PhD project on the reception of Augustine’s De civitate Dei in the context of Renaissance Florence. As a postdoctoral researcher, Sam is currently investigating the influence of Augustine in early modern Britain through the study of English-language (re)translations of his works. Besides his monograph Coluccio Salutati and Augustine’s City of God. Illuminating Intertextual Encounters in Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance (2023), Sam has contributed to the Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy and published several articles in international academic journals. In 2021, Sam was a fellow at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies in Innsbruck.


Augustine and the Humanists
  • Series: Colibri. Collected Studies in History and Literature
  • Edited by: Guy Claessens & Fabio Della Schiava
  • ISBN: 9789464447620
  • Published: 2021/11
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Coluccio Salutati and Augustine’s City of God
  • Series: Sempervirens. Studies in the Classical Heritage and Its Transformation
  • Edited by:
  • ISBN: 9789464447682
  • Published: 2023/6
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