Jan Machielsen

ORCiD: 0000-0002-8492-0263
Jan Machielsen is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at Cardiff University. He is the author of Martin Delrio: Demonology and Scholarship in the Counter-Reformation (Oxford 2015) and The War on Witchcraft: Andrew Dickson White, George Lincoln Burr, and the Origins of Witchcraft Historiography (Cambridge 2021). An expert on the early modern witch-hunt and demonology, he has also written on seminal early modern intellectual figures such Cesare Baronio, Jean Bodin, Michel de Montaigne, and Justus Lipsius.


In Pursuit of the Muses
  • Series: Colibri. Collected Studies in History and Literature
  • Edited by: Marijke Crab & Ide François
  • ISBN: 9789464447606
  • Published: 2021/11
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