Keith Sidwell

Keith Sidwell is Emeritus Professor of Greek and Latin at University College Cork and Adjunct Professor of Classics at the University of Calgary. His main areas of research are Greek Old Comedy, Lucian and his reception, and Medieval and Neo-Latin. He is the author of Reading Medieval Latin (Cambridge 1995), Aristophanes the Democrat, The Politics of Satirical Comedy during the Peloponnesian War (Cambridge 2008), and of the forthcoming article Lucianus in the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum and co-author (with David Edwards) of The Tipperary Hero. Dermot O’Meara’s Ormonius (Turnhout 2011) and (with Pádraig Lenihan) of Poema de Hibernia. A Jacobite Epic on the Williamite Wars (Dublin 2018).


On Books
  • Series: LYNX. Lysa Neo-Latin Texts
  • Edited by: Jeroen De Keyser, Noreen Humble & Keith Sidwell
  • ISBN: 9789464447675
  • Published: 2022/3
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