Francesco Caruso

Francesco Caruso holds a PhD in Italian Studies from Johns Hopkins University (2013). His area of expertise is Italian Quattrocento literature, both in Latin and in the vernacular. He is especially interested in the relationship between literature and philosophy in Renaissance Humanism. He has published on Giovanni Boccaccio and Angelo Poliziano. His current projects include a commented Italian translation of Landino’s Disputationes Camaldulenses and a study of Poliziano’s Nachleben in European literature. Francesco Caruso teaches Italian at the Gonzaga Campus in Palermo.


Augustine and the Humanists
  • Series: Colibri. Collected Studies in History and Literature
  • Edited by: Guy Claessens & Fabio Della Schiava
  • ISBN: 9789464447620
  • Published: 2021/11
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